Uniform training an Education Revolution in Tamil Nadu

Training can act as a powerful device for lowering poverty and unemployment and reaching a sustained human improvement. while we as compared our u . s . a . schooling with other evolved/growing u . s ., the education in our united states is not appropriate to the current state of affairs/realistic existence. all around the world governments are strictly follow the process of producing libraries along with faculties, colleges etc. due to the fact the emperor Napoleon stated the “build up libraries otherwise we’d increase prisons”.

commonly in all of the nations are understand the importance of higher training. In 1980s American president Ronald Regan take numerous steps to enhance the better educations. In a survey, a number of the 10 international’s fine universities, nine universities are situated in the us. maximum of the countries are along with the primary education as a human right. In our India itself the schooling nice in corporation faculties and personal institutions are having huge variations. for instance the schooling device in establishments like IIM, IIT is differing from different group. IIM an IIT institutes students are having more destiny blessings like employment, revenue and so forth. rather than the alternative institutes. The syllabus difference among Tamilnadu and Kerala. we can give an awful lot extra examples to prove in equality in our training machine.

in step with human aid improvement department file in our India simplest seventy seven% of the students pursuing their higher secondary studies. in which sixty one.6% of the scholars prevent their research in among of better secondary. the total no. of faculties, colleges is increased slightly whilst in comparison to preceding years however the education first-class is down fall. despite the fact that the students nicely knowledgeable they can’t able to get a activity due to non practical syllabus in lots of training institutions. it’s far the right time to introduce the “schooling revolution” via uniform schooling.

Uniform schooling:

In present day scenario handiest the richest college students are capable of get great education in metric and personal faculties. The government of Tamil Nadu going to introduce uniform training machine in removes the in equality in schooling. In 1960’s Gothari fee insist authorities of India to introduce uniform education in each states and also the committee stressed to multiplied the allocation of finance to the schooling with that committee’s hints the government of India added “Sharva Shiksha Abiyan”. but the end result isn’t up to the extent. The government of Tamilnadu comes ahead to introduce the uniform training with the recommendation of Muthu kumaran committee. Uniform schooling will reduce the load of the faculty children through lowering the no. of books and notes and additionally. it’s going to make pull prevent to the indirect series of amount from the youngsters with the aid of way of using textual content books. it is the best component in one aspect but in different side the pleasant of presidency school no longer up to speed of personal colleges.

Uniform schooling’s other important content material is crating or building near by using faculties to children’s. however the government of Tamil Nadu doesn’t supply any topics concerning the nearest school systems. The government of Tamil Nadu additionally did not consist of the medium of commands as Tamil. due to the fact Mr.Muthukumaran committee strongly careworn approximately providing of education inside the mother tongue. The schooling minister also did not encompass the very crucial content of uniform schooling is appointing enough no. of teachers to every kids inside the authorities colleges.


From the factor of view people and also from the factor of view of professionals, we needed to suggest. a few recommendation and we count on something from the Tamil Nadu training minister to broaden the agricultural kids education price.

1. The government must increase the infrastructure facilities. The government faculties aren’t having enough infrastructure facilities like in private faculties.

2. It maximum of the rural colleges the teacher pupil ration in too low (5 classes: 2 instructors). simply introducing commonplace syllabus we can’t anticipate uniform schooling development in all faculties. The kingdom government ought to got here ahead to allocate more finance to the education development.

three. most of the politicians like PMK chief Ramadoss assume the nation government need to come ahead to offer LKG & UKG education to all the rural students. because, all of the city vicinity college students are going inside the Ist general after completing these guides. however maximum of the rural students are joined without these courses. thus far 4 committee are organized to investigate Indians education role. most of these committees are recommends one aspect severally that is “nearby schools with mother tongue common faculties”.

four.A childe have to get its education without going long distance. For that government must assemble greater no. of schools in rural areas. So for the authorities didn’t explained approximately the nearby schools production.

five. authorities college teachers are getting more profits than the private school teachers. but the bypass percentage is too decrease than the non-public faculties. government did not provide more interest to reward the lecturers and also punishing then while they are lie to.

6. every yr Chennai Municipality gets Rs. 70 crores as training tax. As in line with I April 2009 state of affairs the idle quantity is Rs. 120 crores together with his quantity the Chennai municipality can enhance the 250 company faculties to famous person class. authorities must focus on spending accumulated amount closer to school schooling improvement.

7. even though the authorities colleges are giving unfastened lunch, no expenses, free uniforms and free text books, still most of center a low elegance peoples are fascinated to get the rent shape the private colleges. The government have to deliver been attention towards this moves it need to locate the purpose.

eight. most of the rural college students are stopped their schooling in between (nearly 70% of the scholars stop their training with in 10th STD) training. The cause is poverty and also the schools infrastructure training plan, check formation and additionally process opportunity from the training. The authorities ought to try to exchange the education device of our count

ry. The every student ought to be assured with process possibility.

nine. in step with modern file from a thousand college students only 50-60 college students are having the capability of having jobs. It arises due to non task relevance syllabus and additionally loss of library centers in our schools. So the government have to boom the library facilities in each & every colleges.


Uniform schooling system may create an training revolution in Tamil Nadu and it’ll scatter over all the states. The government also will make eager attention toward the schooling device in our usa. we hope the uniform education syllabus will reduce the imbalance among the agricultural student’s knowledge and concrete pupil’s expertise. it’s far the time to create training revolution in our united states of america. We consider our kingdom forward its first foot step to wards training revolution. In uniform education, common syllabus is one of the foot step, still there are many foot steps are tell of us we must go them on the way to get a nice training and additionally to offer first-rate training to our state students. authorities may also do and God will help them.

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